History Archive 2009-2010

I like wikis because you can store all sorts of links and interesting things there as well as lesson and homeworks.This wiki is for the history lesson for the Lions and for the Jaguars

What can you expect of me?

Every Wednesday you will get an email from me attaching the class notes. Please try and print these offf, as you will need them to write on - they are useful for revision and often help with the homework too. I would suggest you get a folder to keep them in.

What do I expect of you?

Every Friday I will set homework and I expect you to put it in the homework folder by 4pm on Wednesday.
Exceptions: you have a large file that will not load - lots of pictures for example - email it!
You have a problem getting it in on time or you are having difficulty with it - email me as soon as you know there is a problem and ask for extra help or an extension ( these are really easy to come by, just keep talking to me).
If your homework is not in by 4pm on Wednesday, expect and email to arrive around 4.05 telling you that I have noticed!
If you miss 2 homeworks, expect terrible things to occur!!

Click your picture to go to your page for the first half of the Autumn Term

Click HERE for Lions Autumn 2; Click HERE for Lions Spring; click HERE for Lions Spring 2

Click HERE for the Lions Summer Term


Click HERE for Jaguars Autumn 2; Click HERE for Jaguars Spring; click HERE for Jaguars Spring 2

Click HERE for the Jaguars Summer Term

Star homeworks HERE

That is Year 7's special page

Top Homeworks are Y8's special page

Also by special request, we have History in the News

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