WELCOME to the Spring Term 2

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Lesson Introduction to Victorian Britain

A really good start for any research at all in this area





This is the proposals I have collected from the textbox: + messages since
Jack L> toys and games done
Sarah> children at school and Sabina – with Adriana joining in a bit as she missed the lesson - done
Phil> Children at work with Nilson
Tamim> Children in factories- done
Tom T> Rich and poor families
Hugo> children in coal mines - done
Thomas> victorian schools-done
Rinty> leisure -done

As I said, you may work in pairs if you like – so if any of you others would like to work with one of the above or one of you would like to invite a helper, please do so but if you can let me know your decisions that would be good
Make about 5 or 6 slides in PP
First go to this page:
where you will find your title – click on it and there are some words, pictures and maybe a video and some other places to look. This will give you a good start!
Please have these with by Wednesday Afternoon as it takes quite a bit of fiddling to get them into the classroom – if yours is much later than that, I do not promise to add yours, as I may not have the time.

Extra links

Some of the links on the left hand side of the apge are Victorian but some are from later: http://www.vam.ac.uk/moc/childrens_lives/index.html
A few more ideas here to explore http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/Homework/victorians/children/
A good place to look for pictures: http://www.hiddenlives.org.uk/photographs/index.html
Optical toys http://courses.ncssm.edu/gallery/collections/toys/opticaltoys.htm

Print out of the homework, which will be updated as folks take options

You are to choose at least 2 topics over the next 4 weeks by arrangement with me so we cover as much ground as possible – ask if one has been taken before you choose!
What we will looking at together over the next 4 weeks:
  1. About Children
  2. About famous people
  3. Paintings, architecture, medicine – any new ideas
  4. Odds and end! Anything we have not yet covered
For next week the topics to choose from are: ( see above)
Start here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/victorian_britain/

For the following week: it is famous Victorians – here are some suggestions, but other famous Victorians may be covered
Elizabeth Fry
Doctor Thomas Barnardo
William Booth
Charles Darwin - Hugo
Grace Darling
David Livingstone- Thomas
Charles Stewart Parnell
Sir Robert Peel
Mary Seacole
Mary Kingsley
WG Grace - Rinty
Joseph Lister
Florence Nightingale - Calum
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson -Sam
Edward Jenner- Nilsen
Isambard Kingdome Brunel -Sas
Thomas Edison - Jack
George Stephenson
Dante Gabriel Rosetti - Adriana
William Morris - Sarah
Edward Burne Jones
Aubrey Beardsley
James McNeill Whistler
Lewis Carroll - Tamin
Charles Dickens - Phil
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Mary Ann Evans - George Eliot
Robert Louis Stevenson
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Thomas Hardy - Karl
Alexander Graham Bell- Chris

Links to famous people

Towards the bottom of this page are lots of Victorian people and where to find out about them :

Week 3 - Art, architecture, inventions, medical discoveries and new ideas

Calum - cholera
Architecture - Karl
Camera – Nilson
Toilet – Phil
Radio – Adriana
Coco cola - Sarah
Art – different styles?
Sewing machine
Telegraph and Morse code
Vacuum cleaner
Music Halls
Kellogg’s cornflakes - Sabrina