The STAR homeworks from Year 7

What the Native American thought of the settlers

Greetings, my brothers. I have journeyed far and wide to spread the bad news that haunts my thoughts. A white man has arrived from over the Great Waters. The white people are different from us in many ways. They have their own Great Spirit, and speak of him fondly, but what puzzles me is that their Spirit is unnaturally full of vengeance, up to the point that he can stop some white people from reaching the Great Hunting Grounds, and sends them to a place of torture. Yet the white race tries to force him on our people, to stamp out our beliefs. What’s more, the white people do not fight to survive or for horses, but to extinguish every spark that opposes them. They do not hunt for food, but for pleasure. They do not use anything of what they kill but the skins, which they do not even use for clothing. They are turning our Plains into killing grounds. The white people have brought disease to our pure country, and even our skilled Shamans cannot cure the sick. They use their giant axes and other weapons to cut down whole forests, from which they make useless fences to keep strange hair-less bison called cow in. they do not seek our permission to do ANYTHING on our land, so conflicts have burst out between the white men with their fire-sticks and the Plains tribes. They have already done many bad things on the Plains. It is only a matter of time before they come here. Beware, my brothers. Be ready.

I would tell them about how the white man had no respect for the earth, nature or animals and birds like we do. They do not believe that the animals have spirits like we do. They do not feel that they should look after the earth either.
They just want land and lots of it for their own purposes and are not willing to share. They expect to put up fences around their land and will not let us hunt the bison or ride through the land that they have taken from us. This usually means that we have a lot more travel, and even worse the white man kills animals for fun. Also even when they kill the animal for meat they do not use all of the animal, and just disrespect it by tossing it away.
They don’t seem to have any morals or respect either for other peoples and will kill anyone in their way including our women and children. I have watched in horror as they have ridden right into our gatherings, burning down tipis with people still in them, shoot running women and children in the back and torture our warriors. There appears to be no honour at all in them. They have no wish to communicate with us or to share with us.
They are threatening our way of life and very existence. It is a very sad time for us and all other tribes in this wonderful land.

‘’You won’t believe what is happening down south!! These white men have arrived in huge numbers. They really think they are it!!
They think they know everything and they think they are right all the time. They will not listen to us and they keep ordering us about. They are ordering everyone about actually and they think we are not very clever! They have religious beliefs and think we have no right to have our beliefs, they think they are right all the time! They want everyone to believe what they believe and do what they say. They just seem to think that they are better than anyone else. They have arrived in our land and want to take over! There are so many of them compared to how many there are of us that they are taking over. There are many more of them than us so they are becoming more powerful. You need to watch out for them. This is really serious.
They are threatening the way we live by taking over land and animals. They have driven out our buffalo and are setting up cattle ranches to run and take over completely.
Please be very aware as this really is concerning.’’

I am a young Lakotan native, travelling with my family, north to get away from the white settlers. Shortly after crossing the border into Canada we meet a group of Native Americans who haven’t come across the white settlers and wonder why we are trying to get away from them. So we begin to tell them about the murdering, cheating, land stealing whites.
First of all we tell them about how we were forced to move to where the whites call Louisiana, during this thousands lost their lives because it was winter so there was little food around to give us strength, we called this the trail of tears.
Then the white settlers wanted the Great Plains, drove off or killed our bison and fenced off the land. The land belongs to all of us, but the whites want it for themselves and they kill the bison so we would starve and not just when they need to eat or to cloth themselves. They have no respect for the land and living things.
We also tell them how the whites lie, cheat and break treaties like when we were given land “for all time” only for them to want to break it within 15 years, and the time when at a place called fort Laramie a council was held to negotiate a trail through our land only for them to start building it before the agreement was made.
We tell them how they murdered and mutilated women and children at a place called Sand Creek when they were only supposed to talk to us about a treaty, they came into the peaceful camp site with 800 troops and killed mostly women, children and the elderly, they scalped them and cut up the bodies and took parts with them to be displayed.
The whites are devils who ruin the Earth, they say they want peace then break their promises, they believe they have a divine right to the Great Plains and only they know how to get full use out of the land. They believe we are inferior and their motto is our complete extermination.
Like Chief Gull said I have nothing left to lose they fought me and i have to fight back.

I have just left home to get away from the evil white settlers. It is very difficult for us to live together because they have no respect for the land we live on. They have decided to fence off large pieces of land and do not understand that the land belongs to all of us. They are killing animals for sport or to take away our food but they do not use the entire animal as we do, they are very wasteful. They are only interested in making themselves wealthy and do not care about the earth.
This would not seem so bad, however they are killing women, children and elderly Native Americans. I am coming to Canada to keep my family safe but I have left my home behind.
I don’t think there will be any more land for the Native Americans and I hope the settlers do not follow me to Canada and you never have to meet them.

Family totem poles

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Native American Houses


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Sunday supplement that came out 5 years after the Black Death in 1355

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Life in a Norman Village

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The Saxon Sun

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An excerpt from the NORMAN STAR


William has travelled to Hastings in England and with his 7,000 men he cleverly defeated Harold, the Earl of Sussex, in a battle that lasted almost all day.
After the death of Edward the Confessor, William decided to take back the throne from Harold who was then declared the King of England. He prepared his fleet, gathered his army and weapons and patiently waited for the south wind to blow north.
Luck seemed to be on William’s side so while Harold and his men were occupied fighting the Vikings in Stamford Bridge, the wind changed direction towards England. William took this chance to sail quickly to the south of England and conquer them easily.
Harold and his men were weakened by the Vikings while the Normans were quite strong and fearsome. The Normans were trained fighters while the English were not.

Harold realising that they were outnumbered, took his fleet up the hill. William was able to fool Harold to believe that the Normans were retreating, when they charged up the hill and ran back down the English soldiers were trapped by the horse soldiers waiting for them at the bottom of the hill.

It was a sweet victory for William and Normandy. The English had been defeated!




Isabelle thinks:

I think Harold Godwinson should be the next King of England.

My reasons for voting for Harold Godwinson are as follows:

Firstly, I think he should be king because he is English

Secondly, he took Edwards job for a short while when he was ill would make a good king because He is a strong soldier and has proven to be a good leader.

Finally, he gets my vote because many important people believed he should be king.

I wouldn’t vote for Edgar because he is to young and inexperienced

In addition, I don’t think Harold Hardrada would be a very good king because He has no sense of leadership, he shouts and gets angry.

Lucas thinks:

I think Harold Godwinson should be the next King of England.

My reasons for voting for Harold Godwinson are as follows:

Firstly, I think that as the Witan said that one of the most important qualities of a king is experience as a warrior, Harold would be good because he is an experienced warrior.

Secondly, Harold Godwinson would make a good king because he is an experienced leader, having been chief advisor to the late king and Earl of Wessex for many years.

Finally, he gets my vote because he is English, which is on the list of qualities the new king needs.

I wouldn’t vote for Edgar Atheling because he is too young at only 14 years old.

In addition, I don’t think William of Normandy would be a very good king because it is only his word that Edward promised him the crown which he could have lied about and he is not English.