Unit 5 The Harappa and archaeology

There is no textbook reference for this, however, here are some links you will ever need to know! is all about how archaeologists - not a good place to try and look at in some countries which do not allow access BBC is quite fun - it is all about a dig in America - and shows you artefacts and stratigraphy among other things.


We start off by looking at one civilization, the Harappa, that until about 100 years ago, no-one even knew they existed! But one the archaeologists got to work, they found that they were quite amazing! Especially when you consider that they lived at about the same time as the Bronze Age people in Britain. I will tell you no more about them now but you are in for a surprise.
So how did we find out about them? It was the archaeologists. How do they find out about the past? What methods do they use? That will be the next lesson.
Finally we look at a puzzle - some artefacts are found in a pit - what was the pit used for? It will be up to you to decide!

Lesson 1: What was going on in the Indus Valley?

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Added Extras:Link to the page:

Two pieces of News at History in the News - one from Callum and one for those of you who studied the Native American Unit - the bison are back - at least in just one place for now. Do read all about it!

Below are some thoughts on what the Harappan Script could mean - there are others but they all seem to agree that the writing went from right to left.


Lesson 2: What do archaeologists do?

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Added Extras: Sections of History in the News! that have archaeological links. Do try to read 2 or 3 of them that interest you. (they are in the order in which they appear).
  • Play was important - even 4,000 year ago
  • Mystery: 97 new born babies found buried together in a Roman Villa
  • Romans 'may have settled as far south-west as Cornwall'
  • What is radio carbon dating and how does this help tell just how long ago the Egyptian Pharaohs lived?
  • Neanderthals in Britain much earlier than we thought
  • On Crete, New Evidence of Very Ancient Mariners
  • THE Viking influence on Orkney and Shetland is to be investigated as part of a major international study over the next three years.
  • Neanderthal 'make-up' discovered
  • Ancient Weapons Dug Up by Archaeologists in England
  • World's Oldest Submerged Town Dates Back 5,000 Years

Lesson 3: A mystery!

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This is not a homework sheet in the normal form as you have nothing to give in. It is just a check list to help you with this unit. Anything you do not understand, please email.